Thursday, November 10, 2011

3-Letter Words: Reading, Stamping, Building

Pin It Last night I went to print off Read! Build! Write! Mats only to discover our printer was low on ink. No printer ink and class the next morning?! I guess that’s what I get for waiting until the last minute to prepare materials.
Before the school year started, I had picked up a ton of paint color samples for different lessons I had in mind, so I got those out and made up a bunch of 3-letter words we’ve been working on.
Next, I cut 8.5X11 cardstock in half and wrote the words in marker at the top. They were color-coded according to the paint samples.
Instead of having Madelyn and Sarah write the words out, I got out our alphabet stamps for my little stamping addicts.
All materials fit on one of our magnet board/cookie sheets.
Madelyn sat and admired each of her finished cards.

Alphabet stamps
Stamp pad
Paint color samples



Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Sensory Bin and Crafts

Pin It This fall themed bin contains:
Red scoop and bowl (Dollar Tree)
Pumpkin and leaf table scatter (Target $1 spot, I think)
Leaves (Target $1 spot last year)
Pumpkin and leaf cookie cutter shapes (Dollar Tree, I think)
Mini gourds (Dollar Tree)
Making “fall soup” was something the kids came up with during one of our days using the bin. Basically, they’d scoop different contents into the bowl, stir it up, and ask if anyone would like a try.
They used the different colored leaves to make patterns.
Some days I added in a pumpkin tray, easy grip tweezers, and mini poms to keep this little guy busy while I worked with the older kids.
On Halloween, while everyone else was trick-or-treating, we stayed in and had some fun of our own.
We painted with corn, and mixed yellow and red paint together. Sarah informed me that they learned all about color mixing long ago on a Dora episode. Thanks Dora! We marble painted pumpkin shapes…minus the marbles lol. I used a golf ball instead. Even though they are a bit harder to control, they leave a really neat textured look.
Thumb and finger print spiders turned out to be much messier than I had anticipated. Maybe we’ll try it again when the youngest turns 13 ;).
Sarah and her friend made wonderful Christian pumpkins.
While our crafts were drying, we enjoyed some “creepy crawler” pudding (gummy worms, oreos, vanilla pudding) that CJ had made with the kids while I was at work.
Happy Fall!