Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our School Room...The New New NEW One

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We are entering our 4th year of homeschooling (I’m including the year of home preschool we did in that number)!!! Each year our learning space changes a bit. You can go here to check out our past rooms.

When house shopping time began in the spring, we knew we wanted 4 bedrooms and a place to keep our school furniture and supplies. I am not one who can cope with school materials all around the house. Last year we had to rent out a smaller house while we lived in Ohio. Our dining room table and kitchen served as our school area. We made the best of it, but it wasn’t ideal for our family.

We came upon a house in April that we fell in love with…a perfect-for-us forever home with a nicely reduced price tag. The downstairs had a lovely open floor plan with a room that could easily be turned into a school area. When you walk into the house, it’s the first room you see, and I like it that way! Its original purpose was to be a formal dining room or living room. Yeah, I can totally live without either of those. We don’t have formal gatherings in our home…ever. Anyhow, we finally sold our previous house after 16 months of trying to get rid of it, and bought the perfect-for-us one. It belongs to us forever…or until CJ retires and we move someplace with warm temperatures year round. I can also totally live without experiencing snow and winter ever again. A girl can dream!

The new school room DOES get used. My kids may not stick to it all day, but they use it plenty enough to be well worth having the room. They also use the family room, back patio, and bedrooms. The school room is our starting place, and one by one they'll leave if they need an extra quiet/cozy space to read or concentrate.

The spice rack bookshelves off to the side of the 4x4 Expedit hold our books we're using for the week.

The white baskets hold our readers and read alouds.
Our dry erase board is a sheet of white panel board from Home Depot.

You might recognize our furniture if you are familiar with Ikea, or read COAH. Her room totally inspired me, as you can tell, I copied a lot her ideas. Yeah, I could have been more original, but the outcome would most likely have been a disaster. All props for creativity go to Erica. 

The walls in our room still need painted. Coming up with the right color has been challenging. The kids want something loud and bright, I prefer a shade that won't give me a headache first thing in the morning. Until we come to a compromise, they'll remain white.

Another space the kids prefer is our playroom (4th bedroom upstairs). Madelyn spends a lot of her time in here making messes memories. 

 So, there you have it! A new house and room for many new homeschooling family memories!


  1. I recognize Ikea when I see it! I have an Ikea room myself. lol Wonderful space!! Just beautiful!!

    Popping in from the blog hop!

  2. I've admired that table setup since Erica posted it a few years back. How nice to have a space where you can fit that big, wonderful workspace! :)

    Enjoy your NEW room!

    1. Yes, I drooled a little when I saw Erica's room! The table is my's nice to see what everyone is doing, and I can pull up a chair and multitask with the group. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love the spice rack idea to showcase the current week's books -- brilliant! The whole room is amazing.

    Have a wonderful school year!

    1. Thank you! The spice racks were a last minute idea. I bought them a year ago and couldn't figure out where to put them. They're working out well in the school room! :)