Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer BINGO

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Okay, I am beyond ecstatic after coming across this SUMMER BINGO idea as a way to keep my kids active this summer without having to run 50 million places and sign them up for 100 costly activties. Even though Samuel still has about 3 weeks left of school, I am already getting started on making my cards. Samuel, Sarah, and Madelyn will each have their own set to complete. While I was typing up the first card, Samuel was eagerly reading everything. He can’t wait to begin! I thought I would share what I’ve accomplished so far.



The dollar store that is by my house will probably have tickets, and we have plenty of stickers to mark the spaces. I will post a card from Sarah and Madelyn’s packs once I get them made up. The activities I chose were a mix of learning, reading, indoor, outdoor, and character improvement(Samuel needs to work on how he treats Sarah).  I printed the rules and BINGO card off on cardstock, then glued them onto scrapbook paper just because I thought it would look cute. Once I have everything printed off, I am going to hole punch the top corners and keep the cards together with a metal ring. Does this sound like fun to you? It does to me!!


  1. This is such a creative approach to teaching your children about life "skills" ...great idea!

    Awesome job! Very proud of you!

    I love you!


  2. SO organized!! Great job Jenny! Keep the good ideas a flowin!

  3. I read this and just made BINGO cards for each of my kids - I'm so excited! Thank you for this idea!