Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Bingo Part 2

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Go here for Summer BINGO rules and info.

We are about 2 hours into Summer Bingo and having tons of fun! Samuel and Sarah are really enjoying marking off activities, and really concentrating on them, rather than trying to rush through the card. Right we are on a lunch break. Afterward, they will spend time reading and resting. This afternoon there will be some more time to complete squares on their Bingo cards. My goal is to have them do 5/day in order to complete an entire card at the end of the week.


Hook #1: Bingo cards and rules

Hook #2: Summer reading logs

Hook #3: Stickers, tickets, and pens

I ended up only making cards for Samuel and Sarah. Madelyn can always join in the fun, but she entertains herself during the day quite well.


Rather than getting the tickets from the store like I had originally planned, I just made some on the computer.


This is a card from Sarah’s pack for the week of July 4th. Some of the activities listed are watch fireworks, build something using red, white, and blue Legos only, and make s’mores.

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