Sunday, July 19, 2015

Our Homeschool Room 2015-2016

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You can see our homeschool room in previous years by visiting these posts:


Only a few changes have been made to our school room since 2013. We've freshened up the paint, added a desk, and purchased two dry erase boards. One of the boards is for Classical Conversations. I used washi tape to divide it into 6 sections for the different subject areas. 

For our latest tour, I decided to make a video for you all. We still enjoy and get plenty of use out of this space. Learning also takes place throughout our home and community. The world is our classroom, but it's nice to have an organized space and place for our materials.




  1. What color paint did you use in your school room? It's exactly what I want to paint mine this year!! ☺

    1. It is Tame Teal by Sherwin Williams!

  2. BTW....LOVE your school room! Bright and cheery!! ☺